Snug Cove Cruise ~ May 2014

Victoria Day Cruise to Union Steamship Marina

(by Val  O’Shea)

We arrived on Palaran on Friday, the weather was pleasant but too windy for us to anchor and safely dive at our favourite site in Howe Sound. We were just getting ourselves settled and then Kama Lua, Nirvana and Enigma also arrived. The conversation was enjoyable for the afternoon: boats, weather, CPS and of course the new puppy on Nirvana (Poppy). Darcy and I went up to the Bowen Island Pub for the pasta special dinner ($10.95 all you can eat). Everyone else preferred to relax and have dinner on their boats. Friday night’s small but lively party was held on Kama Lua. Saturday saw the arrival of Santa Maria VI, Diversion, Maple Leaf, and later Someday Lady II. Our new Commander Bev who came via BC Ferries and Gabriele who acted as deck-hand for Rob on Diversion both stayed at a local B&B. The weather proved to be just right for sun bathing (burning) on Saturday. One must remember to put on sunscreen especially around the water and the deceptive cooling breeze.

Groups of us hiked up to Dorman Point for the gorgeous view of the entrance to Howe Sound and south to Point Grey and/or around Killarney Lake for the relaxed forested scenery. Of course we must also check out the birds at the lagoon: young families of Canada Goose and Common Merganser, a lone swan, adult herons and numerous variously-patterned pigeons. The Bowen Island Green Man Festival was held over the weekend and we joined the crowd in front of the library for the battle between the Frost Queen and the Green Man of Spring.
Cruisemaster Darcy thought that it would be nice to make morning coffee for the group – which he did every morning. It was a hit! Just like a drive through! Wake up, grab your mug, walk over to Palaran’s slip, pour a cup, pick out your donut or muffin, pull up a chair (or take the coffee back to your loved one still in bed?) and join the crowd. The social atmosphere was (as Rob likes to say) –fabulous!

There was only one casualty during the course of the weekend. After a valiant effort to save it, sadly we lost a fork between the slats of the pier. I am also happy to report that Maxine survived her stand-up paddle board excursion (although we did document evidence of her kneeling). Would that be considered cheating? Of course no one else was brave enough to try it!
On Sunday the boats were joined by Maresia and a number of guests arrived by ferry to join us for an afternoon of sunshine on the docks. Sunday night’s BBQ dinner was held at Doc Morgan’s restaurant. There were 31 attendees and a great time was had by all (I know the saying is so cliche but it’s true).

First-time cruiser Luke on Someday Lady II created a gourmet egg and crab dish for everyone to taste on Monday morning. It was delicious. Then we packed up all our stuff and headed out for the long trek home (tongue in cheek of course). It was a great weekend to spend with our boating friends. Thank you to everyone who came and joined in the fun. See you all at the ‘Labour Day Cruise’ in September! Register early!

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