Celebration of Light Raft–Up

Saturday, July 27th, 2013 is Fireworks night

Some of us Squadron members thought it would be a great Idea to go for a bit of a fireworks raft-up. We anchored just off of Jericho beach at these coordinates: 49°16′ 559″ N  123°11′ 516″ W.

It was a wonderful evening of bumpy seas, bumping boats and spilling beverages dues to aforementioned rocking and bumping. Diversion, Peaceful and Toyiler eventually had to split up as the seas were too rough. The Master of Toyiler finally felt sea–sick enough to call it good and we went our separate ways but close enough to heckle Commander Rob now and then.

England put on a fantastic show with the theme of “James Bond”. Goldfinger was particularly enjoyable.

After the smoke cleared we watched from a distance as boats dispersed in English Bay through a gauntlet of flashing blue lights from Police boats. We all settled in for a night of relaxation and midnight snacks thinking “we must do this again, ladies and gentlemen”.

Photos by Tom Ewasiuk of Residual Image

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