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Student Grad and Christmas Dinner

The Christmas dinner and student graduation celebration is being held December 3rd, 2013 at: Pasta Amore
4502 Dawson Street, Burnaby 

Time: 1800 to 1900, happy hour; 1900 til ??? Dinner and …



Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron Socials. This is where you’ll find the latest gathering on shore. Be it the Bosun Brothers fiddling their folky tunes or a gathering just to imbibe some heavenly grog, we’ll list it here and you can do the rest.


This is where you’ll find info on the up and coming cruises the Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron are planning. Be it a cruise just for the day, a Celebration of Lights raft–up or the long weekend getaways, all the pertinent information you need will be posted on that page.


All information contained in any event page will be listed on the calendar page. At any time you can go to the calendar and see a listing of events, meetings, cruises and much more months in advance. It’s a simple, interactive, easy to use application that is easy to click through for even the novice computer–type.

50th Anniversary

Coming from the old Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron this event has been brought over to the new site. The 50th Anniversary is a big deal to all Burnaby members and we need to continue the celebration until we hit 75 years young. You’ll find all the content, pictures and “evidence” that a good time was had by all. These photos may be used in a court of law. Be warned!

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron