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Executive Officers

Commander Jenn Matich
Executive Officer Open
Senior Training Colin MacGillvray
Administration Open
Webmaster Matthew Lombardi
Secretary Neil Nyberg
Treasurer Lorraine Rose
Membership Dave Holbrook
Public Relations Wink Koehler

Appointed Officers

Past Commander Mike Matich
Cruise Master RN Tyldsley
Port Captain Lorne Reesor
IT Gabriele Flint
Socials Mandy MacGillvray
MAREP/Safety Officer Lorne Reesor
Ambassador Open
Programs Officer Open
Membership E–Mail Mandy MacGillvray
Publications Open
Assistant Secretary
Cheryl Broadhead
Financial Reviewer Bev Estock
Squadron Regalia Bil Keys
Advanced Training Open
VHF Training Bob Douglas
VHF Train Assistant Open
USPS Liaison Neal Tyidsley
The Bridge

The Bridge