October 2016 – Scuttlebutt

Commander’s Corner
By Commander Michael Matich


I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and hopefully some of that was on the water. We do live in a fantastic part of the world that offers us the bounties of all the seas that surround us.
Our Bridge has been working over the summer season to bring various fall and winter activities into place. Our joint initiative with Coquitlam and Royal City Squadrons has resulted in our fall classes being presented on a united front. We are offering two VHF classes (the first has come and gone with a 100% pass rate) and a combined Boating 2 and 3 course that started September 20th. It was a lot of work to co-ordinate our three groups and to set up the on-line information with National. In the end, we made it happen and future activities for the spring classes should go much smoother.
We invited Coquitlam and Royal City to our Snug Cove Labour Day Weekend Cruise. The weather held out and fun was had by all. Future joint socials are being planned as I write this. Once these are finalized I will send you all an update.
Our Thanksgiving Cruise to Squamish is just around the corner, if it has not already happened before this edition has been released. Hopefully you all received my update in Cmd. Mike’s Memo to all Members and Friends. You need to let Cruise Master Neal know you are coming in order for this event to happen. If you do not let us know, we run the real risk of having to cancel the event. This goes for all of our events. People seem to leave it to last minute or just decide to show up. Event organizers put in a lot of work, so it only seems fair to make a commitment to letting them know you are planning on coming out to have some fun.
Our sister Seattle Squadron also has a number of activities this fall and I will report via my email memo once I have all the information. Do think about their Christmas Party. It is just fantastic.
Our National Conference is coming up at the end of October. We are looking for volunteers to help with various activities. If you have a couple of hours, please give me a call and I will give you the contact information. The National Competitions Committee is looking for submissions. It appears they are light on submissions, so if you have something of interest to send in, you just might be a winner. Check out the details on the link below or the National webpage. This Conference event is not all business. There are a lot of fun events from the Friday and Saturday evening dinners to day tours and free educational activities. Please check it out at http://www.Vancouver2016.com
Keep the date of November 25th open. Barbara Erickson and Jennifer April are working on an evening to watch the ponies run at the Fraser Downs Race track. Details to follow along with other socials and information night activities.
As always, please feel free to contact me at cmdr@burnabysquadron.com with your thoughts and comments.

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