Scuttlebutt ~ January 2016

Commander’s Corner

By Commander Michael Matich


I just can’t believe how the past few months have disappeared! I guess that’s because the calendar has been full. So full, that it seems like everything happened all at once.
Executive Officer Jennifer and I went to the National Conference in October and attended many seminars, presentations and social events. It was a real insight into our organization. One of the most rewarding and enlightening aspects was meeting fellow members from across the country and realizing we are all experi-encing similar concerns and rewards. Many Squadrons are struggling with falling membership and there was a lot of discussion on how we need to promote the benefits of maintaining your membership.
If you have not already done so, check out our National web site for the many membership rewards availa-ble. If you take advantage of only a few of these, it can more than cover the cost of your annual member-ship. When promoting CPS to your friends, let them know that along with the safe boating knowledge and comradery we offer, a membership in CPS can save them money. In today’s world, when everyone is so busy, we need to engage our members to ensure we make it interesting and fun to be part of our great group. A number of ideas have already been contemplated and discussed, so stay tuned for future mail outs. Any help with our programs will be most appreciated. Don’t be bashful, just give me a call and we will fit you into some fun and rewarding volunteer position. Even a few hours of help would be great.
Our fall classes for boating were definitely light on numbers but high on achievement. One of our students attained a 100% mark on the boating course and all others brought in very high marks. Kudos to our training crew. The students were recognized at our annual Christmas/Student Graduation dinner at Socrates.
Student Graduation and Christmas Party at Socrates.

There were 34 people in attendance and all had a great time. We will be seeing a change in the presentation of the old boating class for the spring session. The course has now been split into two parts. The first part is called, beyond the PCOC and the second part will be Navigation. We will also be moving the start day so that it will commence after the Boat show and will tie in closer to the boating season. National has also changed the rules surrounding eligibility to membership in CPS. The old requirement to first pass the boat-ing course has been removed. As long as you have taken one of our courses, you can now sign up to be a member. An example is the VHF course. Our job is then to sell the benefits of being a member and to en-courage new members to take more training courses with our organization. Please spread the word.
November’s Information night started off with a few technical difficulties due to overhead projection prob-lems. No fear, Super Secretary Pete saved the day with his faster than speeding bullet moves to come up with the equipment for our presentation. The Offshore Dream of sailing the high seas was presented to an exuberant crowd who all wanted to pack in their 9 to 5 jobs and sail away to paradise.
Our sister squadron, Seattle, held their annual December party at the Queen City Yacht Club and welcomed our Burnaby contingent with open arms. The theme for the night was ‘Elvis’ and the King even showed up and sang some of his favorite tunes. The night before saw some of us attending the annual Bellevue Snowflake Lane parade. What a wonderful treat. There were so many entertainers with my highlight being
Glenora Doherty with her book,
Voyage to the Other Side of Grief.
Darlene Wood introducing the guest speaker, Glenora Doherty .
Training Department’s Tom Scottnicki on
the left and Martin Vine on the right,
presenting certificates to new students .
the real fake snow falling down throughout the skies. I really encourage you all to think about attending next year. It is so worth the trip. Plans are already underway for next year.
Burnaby once again helped with the Christmas Bureau and our members and their friends lent their hands to a great cause. This is an example of how you can help even if you only have a few hours of time available. A little help goes a long way.
The Bridge is working hard to make the coming year a success with tried and true events and some new ide-as. We hope to hold a joint initiative with Port Moody and Coquitlam Squadrons at Reed Point Marina in the spring. This may entail offering free Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks and possibly some mini Sea Skill courses for the public. If you are interested and/or want to help, please contact PRO Wink. Cruise Master Neal is also talking to Seattle Squadron to see if there is interest in a joint cruise and he would like your in-put. Please give him a call.
As always, please feel free to contact me with your thought and comments.
Commander Mike

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