Scuttlebutt ~ October 2015

Commander’s Corner

By Commander Michael Matich


What a summer to remember. It seemed like it was never to end. Alas, the weather is cooling and the rains returneth. It’s time to reflect and also to look ahead.

Jenn and I, on board Polaris, finally made it to Desolation Sound. Thanks to all who helped along the cruise. Special kudo’s to all on board the Kama Lua — tour guide ship — and on board the Imperial — mechanic at your service ship. This is what CPS is about. As our American neighbours would say, come for the boating education, stay for the friends.

Classes have started but are very low in numbers. This appears to be a general trend right across the country. Some Pacific Mainland District squadrons are not even offering classes! Your Bridge has been contemplating strategies and would welcome any ideas you may have. You are our best marketing avenue. If you know of anyone who you think needs to take our courses, please talk to them and convince them of the benefits of become a member.

Our socials calendar is starting to fill up. For full details see the insert titled, ‘Upcoming events’. On the near horizon are our annual Squamish Yacht Club Thanksgiving Cruise, Info Night and the Student Dinner and Christmas party. Our American cousins are holding their Bellevue Crab Feast and Christmas Party. Commander Leslie Kodish has also noted that there is a wonderful Bellevue Square Snowflake Lane Festival around the time of their Christmas party. They even have real fake snow.

XO Jennifer and I will be attending the National Conference. We will be bringing a number of concerns to the table and hope to hear and learn more on what is happening across the country.

Vancouver will be hosting the 2016 National Conference at the Wall Centre. The theme will be “Explorers of the West Coast.” Volunteers are needed so if you are interested, please contact Shirley Shea or myself.

Once again, the coveted Bent Prop Award will be bestowed upon some deserving poor soul. There are already summer stories floating around. Should you have witnessed or even participated in such an activity, don’t be shy, cough up the details. Photographic evidence would be much appreciated.

As always, please feel free to contact me with your thought and comments.

Commander Mike

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