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BoatuslogoBoaters Find Newest Portable Outboard Fuel Tanks Are Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be: Installing A Fuel-Demand Valve Is A Wise Move

Here is the latest BoatUS Report from my industry friend Scott Croft. It is safety oriented and will help to give you a bit more peace of mind while out on the water with family and friends. Enjoy your boating and be safe. -Capt. Ken

Owners with outboard powered boats have lived with portable fuel tanks for years, but recent well-intentioned efforts to stop smog-causing gas fumes from escaping by eliminating the familiar two-way vent is causing new concerns. Without a vent – typically a small screw type fixture on the tank’s cap or top – a portable tank can swell up like a balloon in the hot sun with the internal pressure forcing gas into the outboard where it can spew inside the cowling, eventually dribbling…

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