Six Tips for Group Cruising and Rafting

Port Moody are the raft–up kings and queens! They have it down pat… seeing them tie up at Union Steamship Marina on Bowen Island is most impressive.

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Frequently Ask Questions 

1. Do I get charged for not cancelling a marina reservation? Most Marinas understand that poor weather or mechanical breakdowns can interfere with plans. Marinas do expect to be notified immediately if your plans change and most do not charge for not showing. Some marinas maintain a record of NO SHOWs though, which might be slightly embarrassing the next time to want to reserve a slip. When travelling with a group, marinas expect the cruise director to manage the group booking and provide a full list of vessels, name, length and duration of stay in order to plan for assigning slips together in the marina.

2. What is the fender and tying etiquette for rafting in an anchorage? The first vessel will set their anchor and tie a stern line to shore before accepting other vessels. Incoming vessels should contact the raft master for instructions. When instructed…

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