A Message from our Commander

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron held its Annual General Meeting and Change of Watch in April and May. We are pleased to inform our membership that we have a full Bridge for the ensuing year. It is a great honour to take over the command of our Squadron. Please welcome your new Bridge.
Commander    Michael Matich
Executive Officer    Jennifer April Matich
Senior Education Officer    Tom Scottnicki
Education VHF Radio    Bob Douglas
Education VHF Radio    Ray Lindroos
Administration    Lorie Murraine
Communications / Webmaster    Brent Morrison
Secretary    Pete Talas
Treasurer    Gabriele Flint
Membership    Mike Copps
Public Relations    Wink Koehler
Cruisemaster    P/Cdr Neal Tyldsley
Socials    Jennifer April Matich
Programmes    P/Cdr Bill Grout
Publications    P/D/Cdr Barbara Erickson
Port Captain    P/Cdr Lorne Reesor
Supplies    P/Cdr Darlene Wood
Regalia    Jule Hopkins
USPS Liaison    P/Cdr Neal Tyldsley
MailChimp    Mike Copps
MAREP / Safety Officer    P/Cdr Lorne Reesor
Assistant Secretary    Cheryl Broadhead
Ambassador    P/Cdr Darlene Wood
Social Media    Sara Morrison
Financial Reviewer    Lorraine Rose
Past Commander    P/Cdr Bev Estock

We are working on plans for the next year including courses, socials, cruises and more. Please check out our website for information.  We are also looking for help in making this a great year. If you can give a bit of your time, please call one of our Bridge members and get involved. It is fun and a great way to give back to our community.

On the horizon we have a few events planned.

~ June 13, 2015 ~ Hot off the press and in conjunction with the Fraser Squadron, a one day Anchoring workshop. This is a morning lecture followed by an on the water practical exercise. Cost is estimated to be $150. There are only 6 spots available and as I write this only 3 spots are left. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP at Cmdr@BurnabySquadron.com. This course was developed by Fraser Squadron and was an immediate hit.

~ July 1, 2015 ~ Canada Day cruise and celebration at Darlene Wood’s Alderwood dock in Port Moody.  Come by boat, come by land, come by whatever, just come. E–Mail the Commander for more information!

~ July 3, 4 & 5 ~ 2015 Pacific Mainland District Integrated cruise to Snug Cove. Call Union Steamship Marina to book a slip or just catch the ferry and come for the day.

~ July & August ~ Desolation Sound and Northern Cruise in July/August There are no set dates yet but a number of cruisers are making plans. E–Mail the Commander for more information!

Michael Matich

A View From the Crowsnest

A View From the Crowsnest