Lifelong RCM–SAR Member Norm Dyck Retires

From the latest Compass Newsletter from RCM–SAR.

“Goodbye to a Lifelong Member

After more than 35 years with RCM-SAR, Station 8 Delta member Norm Dyck decides it is time to say goodbye.

During its 37 years of existence, RCM-SAR (formerly the Canadian
Coast Guard Auxiliary-Pacific and Canadian Marine Rescue Auxiliary)
has gone through a number of significant changes. What has remained
consistent, however, is the outstanding commitment of its volunteer
One such member, Station 8 Delta’s Norm Dyck, is a prime example of
a member who has been with the organization through all its changes and
has remained one of its constant and tireless supporters.
Norm was one of the founding members of the Delta station in 1976,
which began as a pilot project made up of owner/operators and a volunteer-
manned Coast Guard inflatable vessel. Over the years, the station grew more sophisticated and the vessel was replaced by successively more
seaworthy and better-equipped vessels, including the station’s new Type I
vessel, Spirit of Delta V.
Norm held many positions within his station and its supporting society
over the years, including station leader, training officer, boating safety officer,
PCS checker, radio instructor, treasurer and director. Through these
positions Norm helped the station grow from the small grass roots group
it was to the sophisticated organization it is today.
Norm’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by his fellow volunteers.
According to current Delta Station Leader Bruce Adams, “Norm has
always contributed a helping hand whenever a new member joined our station. He’s been instrumental in the continued progress of Station 8
throughout the years.
“Norm will be sorely missed within our family of Station 8. We are all
very sorry to see Norm go, but at the same time, we know he will now be
able to take that much deserved vacation.”
From RCM-SAR and all of the members at Station 8, we thank Norm
for everything and bid him fair winds and calm seas!”

You can download a copy of the Compass here for the full story and much more.

Norm Dyck

Norm Dyck