The 2015 Student Cruise is at Hand


When: Saturday, April 18 from 1100 to1500 hours rain or shine

Where: Vancouver Water Ski Club, west side of Bedwell Bay in Indian Arm. Water accessible only. Dock available

Activities: Conning contest, Man Over Board rope toss, MOB in the water demonstration, Boat hopping.

Food: Provided FREE!! by ex carny and Weinermeister Martin. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pop and Martin’s secret belly warming goulash

Who’s Invited: Burnaby Squadron members and family that have their own access to water transportation. Power/sail boat, kayak, canoe, paddleboard or ???

Over the past twenty years Squadron members have volunteered their time to provide an on the water navigating experience for fall and spring graduates of the boating course now called Boating Essentials. As this year there will be only seven recent students participating in the navigation exercise we thought we should open up the student cruise to Burnaby Squadron membership as a membership get together.

For many years we have had exclusive use of the Vancouver Water Ski Club as a gathering place for the students after completing the 1 ½ hour cruise. We thought we should take advantage of the water ski club’s availability to invite squadron members as well. It will be an opportunity to meet other squadron members of all boating persuasions.

The students will meet at Reed Point Marina at 0930 and embark on member boats to complete the student cruise portion, which they have previously planned in the class. They generally arrive at the ski club about 1100 hours. Lunch and other activities will be between 1100 and 1300 hours. For members not involved in the student cruise portion they should arrive between 1100 and 1200 hours at the water ski club. There will be a dock master available to assist with docking. Generally we depart the ski club around 1400 hours for home base.

Contact: Bill Grout tel: 778 230-8386, email:

Tom Scottnicki tel: 604 515-0038, email:

Crazy Student Drivers

Crazy Student Drivers