Scuttlebutt ~ April 2015

Commander’s Corner April 2015

Well, here it is – my last Commander’s Corner. I’m leaving the Burnaby Squadron Bridge for bigger and better (maybe) things – the Pacific Mainland District Bridge! I will still show up for Burnaby events, though, so you aren’t getting rid of me completely.

Since the last newsletter, I’ve been getting ready for the AGM and the Change of Watch. Our incoming Commander, Mike Matich, is fresh and full of good ideas, so I’m sure next year’s Bridge will be rocking and rolling under his leadership. It’s not too late to volunteer to join his Bridge, as there are still a few vacant positions (Education Officer and Publications Officer, for example). Or, you can join as an Assistant to one of the other positions (getting your feet wet, so to speak). If you want to see new and different things happening with Burnaby Squadron, join the Bridge and make it happen!

The Notice of AGM will have gone out via e-mail by the time you read this. We urge you to come out to the AGM – there’s more than just listening to officers’ reports and passing motions. We get to hand out merit marks and awards, too. If you want to know who wins the coveted Bent Prop Award, though, you will have to come to the Change of Watch on May 9th. Who knows? You just might be the winner! Have you done something that you wish you hadn’t done out on the water this past year? Do you think that no-one knows about it? You might be surprised! Our spies are everywhere!

But seriously, I wish you all the best for the coming year. I’m sure that Burnaby Squadron will have a great 2015/16.

Bev Estock

Past Commander x 2, soon to be x 3.

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A View From the Crowsnest

A View From the Crowsnest