Information Night ~ March 25, 2015

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron is proud to present another fabulous Information Night with Guest Speaker Jim Poirier.

Where:  Confederation Centre, 4585 Albert Street, Burnaby BC

Time: 19:00

Will there be cookies?: Maybe


A philosophic 60 minute visual, oracle and musical presentation encouraging us to step out side of our comfort zone in the pursuit and living out of our dreams.

Written and performed by JIM POIRIER

Singer, Song Writer, Sailor, Story Teller


Jim Poirier has lived his life by this self written slogan. Born in the semi-dessert area of Kamloops British Columbia 63 years ago, Jim is now a retired entrepreneur who would like to give something back. He is as real as it gets, and that is exactly how he delivers his life experiences.

He says “The ability to dream a dream, make a plan, set a goal and live out that dream is what makes humans unique on this planet. All great achievements made by mankind were accomplished this way, many by people who did not know it could not be done.

Jim is a huge believer in stepping out of our comfort zone and living out our dreams. Blue Water Dreams is written and designed with this message in mind, and he uses his life long passion for boats, off shore sailing and music to communicate this to his audience.
Blue Water Dreams uses stories and songs written and performed by Jim. Song writing is another life long passion of Jim’s and is demonstrated in this program with 6 original songs played on acoustic guitar. Nothing is pre recorded. In between each song Jim tells stories of his dreams and how they have shaped his life. In the back ground pictures and videos of Jims sailing adventures are displayed.

With over 30,000 offshore miles logged and 36 years of sailing experience, Jim has had a lot of time at sea to think about life.

Blue Water Sailing ~ Download for your Desktop Screensaver

Blue Water Sailing