2015 Boating & VHF Radio Classes

Tis the season to get certified! Well, almost…

Burnaby Squadron is accepting students for the Winter / Spring Boating Basics, Boating Essentials and VHF Radio [ROC(M)] courses starting in January.

Whether you are interested in power boats, sail boats or canoes, these courses are for you. The Boating Basics course contains all the information you need to take the PCOC exam confidently, and get you out on the water.  The Boating Essentials course contains all the information you need to keep you and your family safe while out on the water.

The Boating essentials course contains expanded, detailed boating-safety information.  As well, plotting, navigation skills, and the interaction with other boaters all await you in this exciting, “chock-full-of-info” course.  Successful completion gives you not only piece of mind but also the much coveted CPS membership card as well as other associated benefits.  You will be taught proper and safe handling of all types of boats, you do not even have to own a boat to take this course.

We are “The best little boat club in town”.

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron