How to Sell a Boat Online

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My most recent article discussed some techniques for searching the classified ads to find your next purchase and promised a follow-up on how to write a classified advertisement that will attract attention and guarantee a quick sale.
I mentioned that one of my hobbies is buying and selling and no doubt it is a passion shared by many. A quick look at the cable channels on TV will confirm that, with shows focussing now on storage auctions, antique “picking,” and trading up. I have “flipped” many items for profit with little more than a wash, polish, and a well-written ad.
Here are some tips on crafting a winning ad:

  • Take excellent pictures. An advertisement without images will get far less attention. Tiny pixelated images are no better. If it is dull and rainy, wait until the next sunny day or use some images of the item from your archives. A boat…

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