Budget for Arctic patrol ships ‘insufficient’: PBO

Global News

WATCH: The Parliamentary Budget Office said the $3.1-billion budget for new Arctic patrol ships is only enough to build four of the ships. The whole process has taken so long, and costs keep rising. As Mike Le Couteur reports, promises have been made that will now be very expensive to break.

OTTAWA – A new report is casting doubt on the Conservative government’s plan to buy between six and eight Arctic patrol ships.

The budget of $3.1 billion is only enough to pay for four ships, according to an analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. That could drop to three ships if there is a delay of more than a year.

“PBO analysis suggests that the current budget will be insufficient to procure six to eight A/OPS as planned,” the report said.

“Rather, it is more likely that, if there are no delays, the current budget will allow for four…

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