Scuttlebutt ~ October 2014

Commander’s Corner

Ahoy to all my boaty buddies!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Burnaby Squadron had its annual Thanksgiving Day cruise to
Squamish. For those of you who haven’t attended one of these before, here’s the scoop. We take over the
Squamish Yacht Club for the weekend. Turkey is roasted and potatoes are mashed in the Club kitchen, and all
hands contribute potluck dishes to make the meal a truly festive event. Monday morning breakfast uses up the
leftovers, and we all go home with smiles. As with many Burnaby cruises, you do not need a boat to attend.
Thanks to this year’s chief cooks Betty and Rick for a job well done.

I’m gearing up to attend the National Conference in Quebec City this month. Although most of the folks who go
to the District and National Conferences are Bridge members, registration is open to all CPS members. If
Quebec City seems a bit far away, think about attending the District Conference next summer. You get to meet
fellow boaters, and find out more about how CPS works.

In other news, we have a full class of students in our current Boating Essentials course. After a few years of small
classes, it’s nice to see folks getting interested again. It may have something to do with a healthier economy, or
maybe it’s all those folks who saw our TV spot on CTV’s Breakfast Television. If you missed it, it’s still available
for view on our website under Archives/July 2014.

Well, that’s all I have time for today, as I have to go pack my suitcase for that Quebec trip. Happy Fall boating!

Bev Estock
Commander, Burnaby Power and Sail Squadron

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