Squamish Cruise to End the Cruising Season

Our annual Thanksgiving Cruise to Squamish Yacht Club marks the end of the cruising season. We have ventured to the end of Howe Sound for 18 years and counting. The venue is just the right size for our group and there is always enough room on the docks for our boats. The parking lot accommodates the occasional RV and the nearby hotel/motels will gladly provide rooms for those who drive up for the weekend. As is normal for Burnaby Power and Sail Squadron we ate good food and plenty of it and drank a selection of wines and beers, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and camaraderie with our fellow boaters.

Kama Lua and Deep Pockets were the two boats in attendance. Darcy and Val came with their small trailer. Commander Bev, Betty and Norm, Lorraine and Rick, Darlene and Neal, Bill and Bev, and Dave all stayed in local hotels. Others just came for the day or even for a stop over to say hi on their way to Whistler.

On both Saturday and Sunday a small group of people hopped on bicycles to explore the area’s trails. Some others checked out the local stores and the local Farmer’s Market. We sampled some of those fresh vegetables at Thanksgiving dinner. Of course the turkey was cooked to perfection and all of the side dishes were tasty. SYC members Howie and Bonnie and Mary Lou joined us for Sunday’s dinner. After dinner MaryLou told us about the connection that SYC has to the successful expedition that searched for the lost Franklin ship, now identified as the ‘Erebus’ and not the ‘Terror’.

I’m sorry that we personally were not able to partake of the Monday morning breakfast, but based on past experience I’m sure that Dave’s pancakes were delicious. A big thank you to Betty and Rick for the delicious turkey and to all the other chefs for their creations. Thanks to Neal and Dave for potato peeling and breakfast cooking.

Thank you once again to Squamish Yacht Club and their Port Captain Dave for their hospitality; we’re looking forward to next year!

Darcy & Val O’Shea

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