Calling all Authors, Writers and So–On!

On the BPSS site I am always looking for new content to share with our audience. Articles on boat repair, stories of cats at sea, fishing closures or just something interesting about the marine environment, in general. I’ve realized that it’s become a bit one–sided, it has. I want our followers to help customize the content on this site to fit our target audience. That audience is quite obviously you. Yes, you. The one sitting there reading this right now. No. Not you… YOU. With the pants on.

I digress… I reblog articles and happenings from all across this world wide web of WordPress and I even write the occasional one. I’m hoping that this site become more interactive with the people viewing this webpage. Open it up to members of BPSS and non-members alike. People who have a passion for boating, knowledge of old wooden boats, how to tie decorative knots, the fuel economy of a diesel engine taken from a Sherman Tank and put in a 45′ trawler… whatever! If you have something you want to share with us, including photos and a write-up of your trip to somewhere exotic please submit it to the Webmaster. That’s me.

The only thing that we ask is that the content be kept fairly PG-13. No political agenda, full resolution photos for gallery purposes and to allow for me to edit the content for spelling and grammar. I will not rewrite your article and your photos will always be your photos. I can watermark them if you wish.

So, if you have things that your wife or husband is tired of hearing you go on about, tell me! I want to hear it and so do others. Especially if it’s Bent Prop worthy!

Wooden Boat at Gjogv, Faroe Islands

Wooden Boat at Gjogv, Faroe Islands