Vessel Licensing

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource

First note that personal watercraft are classified as boats. All boats under 15 tons gross and powered by an engine of 7.51 kW (10 HP) or more must be licensed. Licences can be obtained, free of charge, from any Service Canada office.

To get your pleasure craft licence, you must first mail in an application form, proof of ownership and a signed copy of ID to the Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre. Full details and application forms can be found on the Office of Boating Safety website.

The Small Vessel Regulations state that a license number must be displayed in block characters, in a contrasting colour and with characters no less than 7.5 cm high on each side of the bow. Boats with smaller engines can also be licensed if the owner wishes. In addition to attaching the licence number to the boat the owner must carry the paper certificate on…

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