Mustang Survival IHIT Inflatable PFD Safety Alert

Originally published in 2012, this still may affect some of your inflatable PFD’s. Please review this post to find out if your PFD is one listed. You may also download this as a PDF file.

Mustang Survival HIT Inflatable PFD Safety Alert

In keeping with Mustang Survival’s commitment to the highest levels of quality and safety, we are notifying the public of an urgent advisory for specific Hydrostatic (H.I.T.) inflatable PFDs manufactured during April and May of 2012. A portion of these PFDs may be subject to delayed or non-inflations. To determine if you are impacted by this precautionary advisory please reference the
instructions below.
The following Mustang Survival products are affected:
MA7214 HIT inflatable re-arm kit
MA7218 HIT inflatable re-arm kit for LIFT
MD0450 Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT
MD0451 Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT (no harness)
MD3183 Deluxe Inflatable PFD with HIT
MD3184 Deluxe Inflatable PFD with HIT (with harness)
MD3188 Inflatable Work Vest with HIT
For further assistance, information, user manuals and instructions, please visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-526-0532.
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