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Re: Mail Call, The Port Hole Fall 2012

Tom O’Flaherty has put forth an interesting set of questions related to MMSI group usage and both Norm Dyck (Maritime Radio Course Director) and I have been scratching our heads over them. However, here are our answers to Tom’s queries:

Tom asks: “Let’s assume that a group gets a group number. And all the members put this number in their radios. I realize that one member must be authorized to apply for the number. Now suppose that a member wishes to make an announcement to the group. Presumably they pick a working channel, access the group MMSI number stored in their radio, and send this out. Again I presume that all members within range and with radios ON will hear a ringing tone. Is this the same tone as for an individual calling? “

Tony replies: Since I’m not aware of any…

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