Scuttlebutt July 2014

Commander’s Corner

By Commander Beverly Estock

Ahoy to all my boaty buddies!

Here I am again as Commander for the third time. Things have changed since the last time I was Commander in 2009‐10: Boat Pro turned into Boating Basics, the Boating Course turned into boating Essentials, Piloting turned into Seamanship. And there are more changes to come, all in the name of keeping CPS relevant in the Online Age.
Some things haven’t changed, though. We all still love the sea, and are passionate about teaching safe boating. I’m still a member of the OPYC (Other People’s Yacht Club), but I enjoy attending cruises by land yacht. So if you hear anyone say “I can’t join CPS; I don’t have a boat”, make them honorary members of the OPYC, and get them involved.
Your Bridge is working actively to promote more involvement by members. A new joint Squadron initiative is underway, with plans to share information about courses, cruises, and social events among the Squadrons. The idea is that one squadron can’t provide all courses and cruise to every destination, but if we share information, more students will be able to take the courses they want, more boaters will be able to attend cruises to interesting destinations, and so on and so on. Keep your eyes on the websites of the various squadrons, as that’s where the information will be posted.

In addition, make sure is one of your favourites in your internet browser. This is the new common website for all of CPS that is being advertised across the country. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s coming up as #3 in online searches. If prospective students can find us, we can teach them.
Summer’s here, the weather is fantastic, and I hope to meet some of you out on the water, OPYC members included.

Bev Estock
Commander, Burnaby Power and Sail Squadron
Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron