How to Tow a Boat

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource

Those of us with smaller boats spend almost as much time trailering as we do on the water or at a show. We prepare the boat but may not spend the time ensuring that our trailer is prepared and properly hooked to our vehicle.
Here’s a basic check list:
The trailer must be strong enough and long enough to accommodate the weight and length of vessel. Since there are various types of hull shapes, the rollers and/or bunks should be set up to provide maximum support and stability for the vessel. There should be snug, even support for the hull. This will help prevent warping and sway. Trailer lights should be working properly and you should carry spare bulbs. The license plate must be clearly visible. Car mirrors should be adjusted so you can see past the trailer.
The combined weight of your boat and its contents should not exceed 80%…

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