Information Night ~ Electrical Systems with Jeff Cote, Pacific Yacht Systems


Guest Speaker – Jeff Cote, Pacific Yacht Systems

Jeff Cote of Pacific Yacht Systems, regular contributor to Pacific Yachting magazine on electrical/electronic issues, will be our guest speaker on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 1900 hours at Confederation Center, 4586 Albert Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2G6.

He will talk about:
Electrical System Upgrades – Are you thinking of improving your electrical system?  Would you like to increase your battery power or install a larger alternator?  How about staying at anchor longer and running your generator less?  Perhaps you have been considering some of the new marine solar technologies on the market?  Join Jeff Cote of Pacific Yacht Systems Inc. and explore your options.

Jeff is a systems design engineer, avid boater, entrepreneur, the author of the monthly column “Tech Talk” in Pacific Yachting Magazine and a regular Power Squadron presenter. His company, Pacific Yacht Systems Inc., provides boaters with easy to use, reliable solutions for marine electrical and electronics. This presentation is designed for beginners, tech-savvy, and DIY experts alike.

Electrical Boat Fire

Electrical Boat Fire