Vandalism to RCM SAR Station 10 Rescue Vessel

Taken from Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue – Station 35 Victoria‘s Facebook Page

Our Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station is temporarily out of service following deliberate vandalism to the vessel “Jimmy Ng”.

During a routine daily inspection of Station 10 Richmond on Friday, February 28th, volunteers discovered the damaged vessel inside their boat house in North Richmond. The tubes had been punctured with a screw and gasoline had been poured all over the deck of the vessel, making it unusable for crew members.

To gain entry, the vandals cut through a front gate lock before prying open the locked door. The vessel, which was secure and safe the day before, is a community owned vessel that serves the waters around Richmond. In 2013 they participated in almost 40 community events, contributing over 600 person hours. Additionally, crews maintain a 24/7 emergency response and were tasked to 39 missions in 2013, almost 40% of them in support of the Canadian Coast Guard.

The RCMP is investigating. The vandalism is a serious issue as it takes fundraised money away from boating safety and SAR. The Strait of Georgia Marine Rescue Society, who fund raise for the organization, is offering a $500 reward for information leading to any arrest.

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