Thanksgiving Day Cruise to Squamish

In anticipation of the Thanksgiving weekend we nervously watched the weather forecasts. With each passing day the P.O.P. went lower and the prospect of a pleasant Thanksgiving went higher, Other than the chilly mornings, this was one of the sunniest Thanksgivings I’ve been a part of. The wind was light (sorry to Echo and her crew) so for the power boaters the conditions for travelling were excellent.

Darcy & I packed our bicycles on Palaran and left for Howe Sound Thursday afternoon. We rendezvoused at Union Steamship Marina with Ray & Denise on Deep Pockets. After a bite to eat Fridat morning we set out for Squamish with a plan to dive at Christie Islet. We haven’t dived that general area for over 25 years. We were very pleasantly surprised to find an abundance and great variety of life. Howe Sound marine life has made a terrific recovery from the days of Woodfibre. The only thing that we didn’t see that we should have was sea stars, but that is a whole different story (mystery?).

Deep Pockets, Palaran and Kama Lua all arrived in Squamish Friday afternoon. We headed to the Howe Sound BrewPub for some dinner and of course a sampling of their craft brews. We were later joined by Gord and Susan (Dianne and Denise’s brother and sister-in-law). Thank you to Deep Pockets for keeping us warm while we socialized into the night.

Saturday was a good day to sleep in due to the chilly temperatures outside. We managed to get ourselves mobile in time to greet the newcomers arriving by car. We found the business that we had rented bicycles from a few years ago and arranged steeds for those who wanted to join the bike-hike. I thought we did an admirable job of remembering the trails and of course the location of the Legion for our much needed ‘rest’. I will stipulate for the record that Dianne was raring to get back on her charge and power down the trail, but she was outnumbered. We opted for a longer ‘rest’. Saturday’s ride eased us into the tougher and bumpier ride to the dike on Sunday. The views at the end of the dike were worth the numb hands and butt.

SV Echo with Hillary, Joe & Steve on board arrived in time for dinner after being forced to motor their way up the Sound. They stayed the night and then had to make their way to Gibsons for Sunday night.

The Squamish Yacht Club Port Captain Cliff made sure everyone had a slip and power and as usual we had the use of the clubhouse for the entire weekend. Members of SYC and our friends, Bonnie and Howie, joined us for dinner on both nights. In all we had 28 people come by for all or part of the weekend. Brent & Sara even brought their newborn, Olivia (8 days old). She was the life of the party – at least in most of the women’s eyes (arms). Lorne R stopped by with his vintage Indian motorcycle on his Sunday outing.

I should mention the food for all those members who have not been to a Squadron cruise or Pot Luck. The food is FABULOUS! We have a lot of great cooks and the variety of dishes is amazing. I highly recommend you give it a try. Special thanks to Betty for roasting the turkey(s) and to Neal and Dave for feeding the group breakfast on Monday morning.

Val O’Shea

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