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Boating Essentials

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Prerequisite: PCOC (Recommended)

Dates: September 24 – November 26

Time: 19:00 – 22:00

Location: Vancouver Chinese Lutheran Church
1005 Kensington Ave., Burnaby, BC

Boating Basics gets you out there, Boating Essentials brings you back.
Enjoyment and safety on the water require knowledge. Boating Essentials will take you to the next level in your boating education. Technology has changed the way that we navigate. However, in order to use a GPS/chartplotter effectively, you should understand the use of paper charts and coastal navigation. The topics covered in this course, magnetic compass, global positioning and charts, navigation, conning, plotting, digital charting, anchoring, lines and ropes, will increase your boating knowledge and make your adventures on the water safe and enjoyable.

*One year complimentary Regular Membership with PCOC and Boating Essentials

For more information contact:
Commander Rob Anderson: 604–970–0232

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron

Burnaby Power & Sail Squadron