Near Shore Speed Limits

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource

boating speed limitIt is Your Legal Responsibility to Operate Your Boat at a Safe Speed and Be Aware of Your Wake
Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide offers the following statements regarding the operation of boats at a safe speed and a boat operator’s responsibility for any damages caused by a vessels wake:

Be Aware and Polite
Never buzz, try to spray swimmers, or cut in front of or try to jump the wake of other vessels. Some of the worst boating incidents happen when speed or distance is misjudged.

Operate at a Safe Speed
You may have to stop or turn suddenly to avoid a collision, so operate at a safe speed. A safe speed depends on:

  • your ability to see ahead – slow is the only safe speed in fog, mist, rain and darkness;
  • current wind and water conditions;
  • how quickly your boat can change direction;
  • how many and what types…

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