Banish Black Mold, Naturally!

I have to clean my boat canvas… I’ll let you all know how the Borax works out. BRB.

being sara harris

Borax is BossLast week I was consulted about natural cleaning solutions for cleaning and removing mold from fabric, in this case boat canvas (which is made with a very heavy and durable material Sunbrella) that would keep it from recurring.  I had some initial thoughts but did a little research and learned a lot about cleaning up mold, naturally!  Turns out most mold cleaning solutions made with bleach are only effective on non porous surfaces like counter tops, bathtubs, and tile floors.  When used on porous surfaces such as wood, plasterboard, fabric and carpeting the solution only cleans the surface but doesn’t kill the mold deep down so it will be rearing its ugly black head again! Plus bleach based cleaners can damage the color or integrity of the item your cleaning.  I whipped up a kit of possible mold killers including my All Natural Laundry Soap, Borax, Tea Tree oil

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