Selecting and setting an anchor

Which hook would you drop?

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Most anchors hold well in mud and sand bottoms, but may not perform as well in rocky or weedy bottoms. This must be considered when selecting a boat’s anchor.

The figure above shows five types of commonly used anchors. The CQR (or Plough) anchors are good in most types of bottom, while the Danforth is good in sand and mud, but not in rocks or weeds. The Grapnel is fairly good in rocks and boulders. The Navy and Mushroom anchors are lightweight anchors easily used for a short stay. A secondary lighter anchor should also be carried on a boat, in case the main anchor is lost.

Selecting the anchorage

Anchoring is not as easy as it seems and a little practice will be a big help. Choose a well-protected area, preferably with a flat bottom. Approach slowly, upwind or against the current, whichever is the stronger. Check that the bitter end is indeed tied to the boat. When in position, stop…

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