How to dock a boat

Like, we all need to know how to dock a boat, eh? Don’t be a hoser.

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource

Bringing a boat back to the wharf should be done with great care. Not only is there seldom as much room as the operator would wish, but others will probably stop what they are doing to watch the docking procedure.


Before the boat is brought to the wharf, fenders must be hung over the sides at a height that gives maximum protection to the hull. The lines for the fenders should be secured using a knot that permits easy adjustment, and of those described in our knots post the best is the clove hitch. It should always be locked with a half hitch, once the final adjustment has been made to the height.

Docking lines should be handy, both fore and aft, with one end firmly attached to a cleat on board. The strength and direction of both wind and current should be estimated to determine which is likely…

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