Spring Checklist

All aboard! Right after I check these things right here…

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Pre-launch checklist

The exact details of the jobs to be done before and during spring launch will differ with different vessels. The ones listed below are typical of those required on a small cruising sailboat with an inboard diesel engine, and assume that the boat has been properly laid up in the fall.

Restock first aid kit

The items in a first aid kit vary, depending on an individual’s knowledge of first aid treatment. There are various kits available on the market for those who do not want to make up their own. A plastic tackle box makes a very good first aid container. Some items a first aid kit should contain are listed below:

• sterile gauze dressings in 5-, 7.5-, and 10-centimetre squares;

• roll of sterile 5-centimetre gauze bandage;

• box of assorted adhesive bandages;

• roll of absorbent cotton;

• roll of 2.5-centimetre adhesive tape;


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