“First Mate” Responsibilities

First Mate… sometimes aka. Admiral

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource

I often get asked by the partners of boat operators what kinds of things they should know so that they can take over in the event of an emergency or just be a knowledgeable helping hand. Here is a review of the primary things that a “First Mate” should know, ranging from boat handling, reading charts, anchoring, calling for assistance, routines for docking, person overboard and other emergency procedures.

Situation: The Skipper is incapacitated. Your vessel is at anchor, you are away from home and the engine is not running.

Would you know how to:

• Attend to the skipper

• Prepare to get under way, check the equipment, run the blower

• Start the engine, inboard or outboard

• Raise the anchor

• Get under way, power or sail

• What to do if you can’t get under way

Situation: The Skipper is incapacitated and you are under way on a river, lake or channel.

Would you be able to:

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