Boating Etiquette

Be a nice person on the water, eh?

The CPS-ECP Boating Resource


Everyday good manners are only common courtesy, customs are derived from traditions.

Lines and fenders should be taken aboard when leaving harbour. Fenders hanging over the side spoil the appearance of any boat underway while trailing lines can foul rudders and props.

Always respect the rights of others while underway. Power boaters must take note of the affect their wake will have on smaller boats and sailing vessels. Make sure to give them a wide berth.

When boating near sailing vessels that are engaged in racing, reduce speed to minimize your wake and always pass to their stern and the leeward sides. Never anchor near buoys that mark racing course or starting lines.

A sailing vessel under sail must never interfere with a power vessel just to exert its right of way.

Common courtesy dictates that you shouldn’t enter an anchorage at full speed. Always enter at a speed that…

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